July golf


The Clark Gillies Foundation is so glad to welcome Morty Bouchard and Bourchard Transportation Company, Inc. as our community partner.  Bouchard Transportation is one of the most successful companies based on Long Island and is recognized worldwide for its philanthropic endeavors.  Morty Bouchard has partnered with us and is our event sponsor for our Celebrity Classic.  We could not host an event of that magnitude without the generosity of Morty and Bouchard Transportation Company, Inc.  THANK YOU MORTY.

July is traditionally a busy time on Long Island for Charity Golf Tournaments.  In the NorthEast we only have a short window to get our golf tournaments in before late fall.  We have been fortunate with the weather,  no rain dates,  although there were some extremely hot days when we had to take carts instead of walking.  I love participating in those tournaments because it is all about helping others.  Each group works so hard to put on a tournament and still be able to donate so much of the proceeds toward a good cause.  I am always amazed and grateful for the generosity of those playing.  With the economy and so many business and personal factors, the kindness and generosity of my fellow players makes me proud.


I want to give a SHOUT OUT to MY VOLUNTEERS.  They are pretty amazing.  They have worked for over six months getting ready and they are the best,  THANK YOU.