Morgan Center Graduation

Jun 18, 2012



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The Morgan Center holds a graduation ceremony each year for its students to celebrate a successful year and Pam and I were there to share it with them on June 6th.  It is very moving to see 20 or so little ones from the ages of 3-6 or so and many of them are in the middle of treatments for cancer.  Some have no hair or wear masks to help protect them from germs but they all have the joy of being recognized for learning at “their school”.  The parents are there and of course, are celebrating much more than just a school year ending. There are a lot of tears….of joy at seeing their child enjoying the day.  It makes us recognize the importance of the funds we give to the Morgan Center so that they can provide teachers and a safe environment for these kids.  It also makes me so grateful for the health of my five grandchildren (hard to believe there are 5 little ones around in my family, ranging from 1 year to 6 years). We took a lot of pictures but mostly just enjoyed these kids having a “normal” day celebrating the end of the school year.  Again, I am so grateful for all the people who donate to The Clark Gillies Foundation so that we can continue to help these kids at The Morgan Center.

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