Summer comes to an end

As the summer comes to an end, I have enjoyed my visits with my grandchildren ( yes, it shocks me that I am a grandfather)  before school starts. Having five healthy kids around makes me so aware of trying to help kids who are not healthy.  Whether it is a chronic illness or an unexpected visit to the Clark Gillies Pediatric Emergency Care Facility at Huntington Hospital, I am glad we are able to raise money through our golf outing and upcoming BOWLING FOR KIDS event to help kids.  I want to again thank all those who participated in our golf tournament as players, the celebrities, and our sponsors.  It was a great event, lots of fun, but the goal is always about helping kids.  So many of the celebrities who participated like Mario Lemieux, Mark Rypien, and Darryl Strawberry have foundations to help kids also.  We share the commitment to continue to help as many kids as possible.  Sports is a great way to get together and raise money.  I often go to softball tournaments in Toronto to help raise money to help kids and with our golf and bowling events, we like to get everyone moving.  Healthy kids moving and participating in sports if they want to is part of our goal to help kids.