Trip to Canada

I am traveling to Moosejaw, my hometown, this month.  It is always fun to reconnect to my friends there and of course, visit with my family.  Pam and I will be seeing many friends while there.  I will be participating in some events in the area which will help raise money for some worthy causes.  My friends and family there always want to hear about what we are doing at The Clark Gillies Foundation.  They are generous in their support of my mission to help kids and some of them have even made it to a few events in New York.  I am very proud to share my experiences with them and show them pictures of the many children I am fortunate enough to meet.  I have The Morgan Center graduation pictures to show them as well as pictures from our bowling event and of  the wonderful group of women in our bowling league who raise money for us and also many of them volunteer at our events.  When I return it will be time to get ready for our next golf tournament.