I was really looking forward to Darryl Strawberry’s golf tournament next week, but unfortunately all my hockey injuries have caught up with me.  I am having a knee replaced this week.  No one looks forward to that rehab but I am confident that my golf scores will improve next year!!  I have been dealing with this bum knee for a while, and like everyone else does, I was hoping it would heal on its own.  That is not happening.  I feel very confident that Dr. Healy will do a great job and I will be better than ever.  I am going to be at Huntington Hospital  and I will personally check out The Clark Gillies Pediatric Unit and   visit any kids there and I hope to make it down to the Clark Gillies Pediatric Emergency Care facility.  I always hope there are no patients but I know if there are, they are getting the best care possible and care that is designed and staffed by pediatric professionals.  I am fortunate to have good health care and I want children who need medical care to get the best possible.  It is often your own experiences that shape what you do for others, so I know I will  learn something from this experience.  I also give a shout out to my dear friend Pierre Larouche who has undergone back surgery since he appeared at my golf tournament.  I also want to remind everyone that we are about to launch our store on this website.  We will have items that I have signed as well as items with our logo.  We are planning on having some pretty special auction items in the future also.  You will have to check it out.  REMEMBER ALL THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO HELP KIDS.  It will be a great way to support me in helping kids and also get some great items for yourself.