Happy Healing

I am so happy to say that the surgery went well on my left knee and that I am about to start outpatient exercising of the knee.  Everything you hear about these types of surgery does not quite prepare you for the reality.  I am lucky to have been able to have some good advice from Jim Stuckey who had his knee done and I am also on the phone with Dale Tallon who had his done just a week or so before me.  We have some good laughs about what we are doing or NOT DOING.  I am really looking forward to a great recovery and being able to work on my golf game in the spring.  I am trying to be a good patient and follow the guidelines but I don’t always succeed.  It is hard to stick to the schedule of healing when I am feeling so much better.  Dr. Healy has been great and I am grateful to him for being such a great surgeon.  I had a Johnson and Johnson knee installed (seems a strange way to word it) and I am confident that all is going to work well. Thank you all for your well wishes.  Thanks for the visits and George and Marian Wafer brought over sushi last weekend from H2O and it was great.  Needless to say I am ready to get out and about and I am sure Pam is ready for that also.  Don’t think she is used to having me around so much.  We have caught up on some TV shows and movies.  I will keep you updated and hopefully sharing my full and 100% recovery with everyone.  Watch out GOLFERS, I plan on being better than ever!!  Clark