I am so glad to have the surgery over and be on my way to a full recovery.  I must admit that I am so happy with my decision to have my knee replaced and the ABSENCE of that pain is already evident.  I want to thank all the doctors and nurses at Huntington Hospital who have taken care of me.  It is a different experience when you are the patient, and I must say they were wonderful.  I am so proud of my association with Huntington Hospital and now that I have experienced the care given to a patient, I am even more proud.  I know that I will be working hard  and I am  planning on being a Super Star at rehabbing my knee.  I actually like working out so I am treating it like training camp and giving it my all.  Fortunately, no one hitting me or knocking me off my skates!!!

I want to congratulate  Mike Eruzione who gave a great speech at the Political Convention.  Hope you all saw it.  His Olympic story is the best and I know many of us actually remember the games.  It is inspiring.  Mike is always one to help others and inspire them.  I wish I  could be at Darryl Strawberry’s tournament this week to support his efforts to help fight autism and I certainly plan on being there next year.  We athletes have to stick together in our efforts to help kids.

While I am recuperating, I am working on our BOWLING EVENT.  It looks like we will have to wait until January because I want to be able to challenge many to beat me,  last year I was on a roll with strikes and was able to raise lots of money to help kids.  Please contact our office if you want to be on the participant or sponsor list.  It is such a fun night and it is great to be able to include kids.  It is really a family event.

Well, it’s off to do some exercise to get this knee 100%.